The difference between webdesign and webdevelopment is like that between architecture and construction. Webdesign typically refers to the process of designing a website including the graphical elements on a page. The design can be created using a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop but it does not contain code. Webdesign involves a lot of imagination and creativity.

Today, a website is not just a company brochure anymore. It is also a marketing tool, a communications medium, a webshop, a blog, and so much more. Webdevelopment is typically used to describe the programming required to construct a webshop, a blog and the entire backend of a website. Webdevelopment is usually a database-driven website using a scripting language like PHP.

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Need work on an existing website?

Here at SarrCom.com, we believe that a well-developed website can attract more attention and thus more visitors. It also foretells what kind of company runs the website. It is because of these reasons that SarrCom.com gives much importance to web development.

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