Logo design

Logo: A graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

We have often heard this phrase, but seldom recognize its impact on business. Think about it: what’s the one defining feature that all great brands, irrespective of product, service and market, share?

It’s an identifiable logo. Whether it is the cursive text of Coca Cola, the prancing horse of Ferrari or the golden arches of McDonald’s, a great logo goes a long way in building a great brand.

Your brand is the promise of quality, an aggregation of what you and your business stand for. Therefore, in the same way that your brand encapsulates your business, your logo encapsulates your brand. Research shows that people respond considerably more to visual than textual messages. You may write thousands of words of how great your company is, but they will never have the recall that a great logo will.

It is but obvious: in order to have a successful business, you must have a great logo.

So the obvious question is what makes a great logo?

A great logo can take many forms – a stylized representation of your company name (Coca Cola), an animal that embodies some product attribute (Ferrari), a brand mantra like speed (Nike), a defining feature of your location (Cisco) or history (Audi), color that identifies your company (Pepsi) or just something unique that resonates with the public (Adidas).

However, all of them require something to come to life – a great logo designer.

We consider ourselves those designers who can bring your vision to life in the form of a logo that forges an emotional connection with your customers and encourages instant brand recall. And we have the experience to back our claim. Look at our portfolio below and decide. Our clients have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with our work and what we have helped them achieve.

• Chez Bruno: This is a logo that we designed for a restaurant
• Gylstorff & Co: This is a logo that we designed for a maritime company
• BelgischeLotto.com: This is a logo that we designed for a lottery website
• MeubelNet: This is a logo that we designed for a furniture website
• ModeNet: This is a logo that we designed for a fashion website

Our expertise in designing is not restricted to logos only. We can help you create innovative banners, buttons and other promotional media that spread your message. Contact us for further details.