Politician: Ban public spending on Bigfoot, Pokemon hunts - CNET

A New Mexico state senator wants to cut off public spending on searches for fictional creatures like Bigfoot, leprechauns and even Pokemon. more..

Dead Sea Scrolls mystery unfurls as scientists find hidden cave - CNET

The discovery of yet another cave thought to have contained the historically significant documents also turns up evidence that they were stolen. more..

Harry Potter, 'Beauty and the Beast' meld in magical mashup - CNET

Lord Voldemort isn't such a bad guy in a mashup trailer that combines the magical world of Harry Potter with the fairy tale fun of "Beauty and the Beast." more..

See a huge lizard hitch a ride on a chill dog's back - CNET

A very big lizard jumped aboard a patient pup during a foiled plot to steal chicken eggs. more..

A guide to Friday's comet-eclipse-full-moon triple feature - CNET

The closest comet approach in decades will give skywatchers something to hunt for as a lunar eclipse obliges by darkening the light of the "snow moon." more..

'Orange is the New Black' teaser and premiere date revealed - CNET

Get ready to go back to prison. The Netflix hit returns this summer. more..

'Legion' spins a kaleidoscope of Marvel madness - CNET

Review: Based on a Marvel comic, this stylish and startling head trip conjures a superhero show like you've never seen. more..

Trump's 'Easy D' mention gives Twitter an easy laugh - CNET

Some on the internet don't think the abbreviation means what the president thinks it means. more..

Kate McKinnon takes wheel as Ms. Frizzle in 'Magic School Bus' - CNET

Who you gonna call? The "Ghostbusters" and "SNL" star will teach a whole new generation on the Netflix revival show. more..

Airport seeks lost teddy bear's owner over Facebook - CNET

A teddy bear got left behind, but it ended up on an adventure at the Cork Airport rather than in a lost-and-found bin. more..

Bill Nye 'Saves the World' in trailer for new Netflix show - CNET

The Science Guy returns with an action-packed show stocked with celebrities, lab equipment and oddball experiments. more..

Netflix resurrects 'The OA' for season 2 - CNET

"The OA," Netflix's love-it-or-hate-it metaphysical thriller, will get a chance to answer some of those head-scratchers from the finale. more..

Disney parks to unwrap Star Wars lands in 2019 - CNET

Disney's largest single-theme expansion, which will include Han Solo's Millennium Falcon spaceship, will open in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. more..

This short film has two endings (but it depends on your ears) - CNET

Dost your ears deceive you? A short film has two very different endings depending on how good your hearing is. more..

Goodbye Apollo: The geeky, charming Richard Hatch I knew - CNET

CNET's Bonnie Burton remembers the original "Battlestar Galactica" actor, an avid sci-fi aficionado who could chat for hours with other science fiction fans. more..

Richard Hatch, Captain Apollo of 'Galactica' fame, dies at 71 - CNET

Though the original sci-fi show only lasted one season, it remained a part of the actor's life for many more years. more..

Watch Ikea's flat-pack refugee shelter unfold in minutes - CNET

This flat-pack shelter just won a major design award and is already shipping to a handful of countries. The time-lapse assembly video is a marvel to behold. more..

Internet left conflicted by Obama's epic vacation photos - CNET

After leaving the White House, the 44th president went kiteboarding, yielding photos that still polarize as much as the politics he left behind. more..

Abandoned 'space capsule' causes stir along highway - CNET

Passing motorists wondered if either NASA or some alien visitors lost a space capsule near an Arizona roadway. more..

$100,000 Harambe Cheeto sparks boom in silly-snack auctions - CNET

A Cheeto shaped kind of like the primate tragically shot at the Cincinnati Zoo sells for an absurd amount on eBay, leading to copycat auctions of odd little snacks. more..

The sights and sounds at the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience preview video - CNET

If you weren't completely pumped for season 7 already, this concert will do the trick. more..

'Game of Thrones' concert melds powerful music, giant LED screens - CNET

The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience brings an audiovisual feast to fans of the show. You'll lose your head...but in a good way. Not literally. Sorry, Ned Stark. more..

Fists fly (and land) in 'Iron Fist' official Netflix trailer - CNET

Everyone is kung fu fighting in a new trailer for Netflix's "Iron Fist," the story of a young man and his superpowered hand. more..

Classic anime 'Ghost in the Shell' returns to US theatres - CNET

Forget the controversial Scarlett Johansson live action version and relive the classic original anime on the big screen. Here's the trailer. more..

'Avengers: Infinity War' will spotlight the enigmatic Thanos - CNET

He's made a few fleeting appearances, but the 2018 Avengers flick will be all about Josh Brolin's supervillain, Marvel Studios' president says. more..

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