NASA astronaut pulls off cargo-bag prank in space - CNET

Astronaut Peggy Whiston took the art of practical jokes to a new level by surprising her colleagues up in orbit on the International Space Station. more..

NASA's next Mars rover will land at one of these three sites - CNET

The Mars 2020 rover will delve into the planet's history of water and possible microbial life. But first NASA must decide where it'll land. more..

'The Lego Batman Movie': Proof a good 'Justice League' can happen - CNET

Commentary: If director Zack Snyder's having a hard time making his DC movie universe more fun, he should take a look at how this Lego movie pulled it off. more..

Supernova spotted just hours after star's death - CNET

When stars die, they go out kicking and screaming. Astronomers capture the early stages of a supernova explosion for the first time. more..

Animal shelter remakes 'The Bachelor' with an eligible dog - CNET

The best bachelor ever has four legs, a tail and a big decision to make on who gets to adopt him.` more..

This asteroid looks like rolling Dungeons & Dragons dice - CNET

NASA rolls a critical hit with images of an asteroid that looks like it should be in play during a dungeon quest. more..

Listen to Smash Mouth's 'All Star' with Windows XP sounds - CNET

Join Clippy and friends on a musical romp through the Smash Mouth hit and try not to get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. more..

'Buffy' alum James Marsters to join Marvel's 'Runaways' on Hulu - CNET

Miss Spike? Marvel adds Marsters to the cast of the new Hulu series about teenage superheroes on the run from their supervillain parents. more..

Make your own Marvel superhero strawberries - CNET

Decorate chocolate-covered strawberries to symbolize the Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Iron Fist, Black Panther and Captain Marvel for Valentine's Day. more..

Stop swiping right. It's hurting your love life - CNET

Commentary: Modern dating tools tantalize romance seekers with an endless parade of potential mates. That's not such a good thing, says one psychologist. more..

How 'You've Got Mail' predicted the worst of the internet - CNET

You thought this 1998 movie was just Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a cuddly rom-com? Wrong! It's a warning from history, people. more..

Dodgy LED lamps lead authorities to gold hidden in man's butt - CNET

A smuggler caught at an airport in Hyderabad, India was found to have 2.6 pounds of gold bars stuffed up inside him. more..

A Trump dress and golden Beyoncé: Grammy fashion gone wild - CNET

From a dress straight out of Chuck E. Cheese to a Donald Trump-themed gown to Twenty One Pilots dropping their pants, Sunday's awards show was all about the wacky fashions. more..

'John Wick: Chapter 2' reloads for more outrageously stylish action - CNET

The angsty assassin reloads in Rome for more eye-popping action. Here's our spoiler-free review. more..

Rhett & Link battle for artistic supremacy -- in VR video - CNET

The "Good Mythical Morning" YouTube stars tackle a CNET challenge: Playing pictionary in virtual reality. more..

Hate Valentine's Day? Watch these movies and TV shows - CNET

It's easy to look around on Valentine's Day and think everybody but you is in a happy relationship. These movies and TV shows will remind you why being single might be the best thing ever. more..

Meet the sharp-suited sharpshooters of 'John Wick: Chapter 2' - CNET

Keanu Reeves, Ruby Rose and Common look the part in these snapshots from the all-action sequel. more..

Why you can't stop taking selfies everyone else hates - CNET

Science confirms we love to bare our soul in selfies, but can't stand to look at everyone else's self-portraits, which are so clearly narcissistic. more..

'Pot Sasquatch' invades live newscast, frolics in the snow - CNET

A cryptozoological cosplayer photobombs a live news weather report while wearing a Sasquatch suit covered in cannabis leaves. more..

A guide to tonight's comet-eclipse-full-moon triple feature - CNET

The closest comet approach in decades will give skywatchers something to hunt for as a penumbral lunar eclipse obliges by dimming the light of the "snow moon." more..

Watch Tom Cruise fall from 'Vanilla Sky' into other movies - CNET

A clever mashup follows Tom Cruise in freefall through a host of movies he didn't star in. more..

'Halloween' reboot release date revealed, famous names added - CNET

Legendary director John Carpenter says Danny McBride and David Gordon Green blew him away with their vision for the horror classic. more..

Ladies, science says these are the best dance moves - CNET

Research has finally determined how to tell if your moves in the club just aren't cutting it, adding to what we've already known about men for years. more..

Meet the 'Trumpagator,' South Carolina's orange alligator - CNET

Did the colorful critter eat too many Cheetos? A biologist says the Halloween-like hue should eventually fade or wash off. more..

Politician: Ban public spending on Bigfoot, Pokemon hunts - CNET

A New Mexico state senator wants to cut off public spending on searches for fictional creatures like Bigfoot, leprechauns and even Pokemon. more..

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