Internet left conflicted by Obama's epic vacation photos - CNET

After leaving the White House, the 44th president went kiteboarding, yielding photos that still polarize as much as the politics he left behind. more..

Abandoned 'space capsule' causes stir along highway - CNET

Passing motorists wondered if either NASA or some alien visitors lost a space capsule near an Arizona roadway. more..

$100,000 Harambe Cheeto sparks boom in silly-snack auctions - CNET

A Cheeto shaped kind of like the primate tragically shot at the Cincinnati Zoo sells for an absurd amount on eBay, leading to copycat auctions of odd little snacks. more..

The sights and sounds at the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience preview video - CNET

If you weren't completely pumped for season 7 already, this concert will do the trick. more..

'Game of Thrones' concert melds powerful music, giant LED screens - CNET

The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience brings an audiovisual feast to fans of the show. You'll lose your head...but in a good way. Not literally. Sorry, Ned Stark. more..

Fists fly (and land) in 'Iron Fist' official Netflix trailer - CNET

Everyone is kung fu fighting in a new trailer for Netflix's "Iron Fist," the story of a young man and his superpowered hand. more..

Classic anime 'Ghost in the Shell' returns to US theatres - CNET

Forget the controversial Scarlett Johansson live action version and relive the classic original anime on the big screen. Here's the trailer. more..

'Avengers: Infinity War' will spotlight the enigmatic Thanos - CNET

He's made a few fleeting appearances, but the 2018 Avengers flick will be all about Josh Brolin's supervillain, Marvel Studios' president says. more..

Ooh child, rock out with 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' poster - CNET

Each character gets a cassette mixtape in this throwback poster that's got fans hooked on a feeling. more..

Patriots' sexy Super Bowl comeback reflected in Pornhub traffic - CNET

This year's matchup turned out to be just as stimulating as anything that can be watched online. And according to data from one major porn site, the fans seem to agree. more..

'Samurai Jack' long-awaited final-season trailer isn't for kids - CNET

The time-traveling hero has stopped aging and things look bleak as the show prepares to return after a 13-year hiatus. more..

Satirical Ikea border wall would save President Trump billions - CNET

The president will only need a hex key and more than 5.5 million screws to assemble this affordable border wall. Sounds pretty typical for Ikea furniture. more..

Sip on Showtime's 'Twin Peaks' coffee compilation - CNET

A video promoting "Twin Peaks" reruns quickly becomes an ode to all things coffee from the original series. more..

Game officer herds elk out of basement with a hockey stick - CNET

A creative fish and game officer escorts a lost elk out a basement with the help of a piece of hockey equipment. more..

Lady Gaga and 300 drones rock Super Bowl 2017 halftime show - CNET

The singer flies in through the stadium's retractable roof and wraps up her performance with a mic drop. But then where did she go? more..

Blazing green fireball in the sky caught on police dash cam - CNET

A bright green fireball lit up the US Midwest, generating plenty of eyewitness reports and dramatic camera footage. more..

Wolverine stands up to rednecks in 'Logan' teaser clip - CNET

Cowboy hats, insults, a property dispute and Wolverine's muscles star in a dramatic showdown scene from "Logan." more..

'Planet Earth II' is coming to Snapchat a day early (sort of) - CNET

Snapchat will debut a companion series to the BBC's buzzed-about nature documentary a day before main program premieres in the US. more..

'Stranger Things 2' trailer, dissected shot by spooky shot - CNET

During Sunday's Super Bowl, Netflix released the first trailer for "Stranger Things 2," which debuts on Halloween. We break down the creepiness. more..

Tom Brady memes swing from goat to GOAT in 2017 Super Bowl - CNET

The mood on social media moves from delirious happiness for the underdog Falcons to disbelief as the Patriots pull off the biggest comeback of all time. more..

'Walking Dead' flattens football season with Negan's Lucille - CNET

Sick of football? The NFL season is ending, and zombie-killing season is about to return. more..

Stormy new evil looms in 'Stranger Things 2' trailer - CNET

Leggo my Eggo! The "Stranger Things" season 2 trailer from Netflix debuts during the Super Bowl with Ghostbusters costumes and gigantic monsters. more..

Can an iPhone 7 survive a 100-foot drop inside a football? - CNET

Can an iPhone 7 tucked inside a football come out whole after being dropped from a drone? Watch this NFL Super Bowl episode from GizmoSlip. more..

New 'Logan' Super Bowl trailer is unnecessary but welcome - CNET

Wolverine shows "Amazing Grace" in Super Bowl ad. more..

'Pirates of the Caribbean' wade ashore in Super Bowl trailer - CNET

Johnny Depp makes a muddy appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie's new preview. more..

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