Australians, why is 'Cantina Band' your top sex song? - CNET

Forget Barry White and Marvin Gaye. Australians are getting it on Mos Eisley-style, according to Spotify. more..

What 'Game of Thrones' characters should really look like - CNET

"Game of Thrones" TV fans, prepare to have your visions of your favorite characters altered as Tyrion loses his nose, the Khaleesi's eyes change color and Arya goes equine. more..

'Always Sunny...' VR throws you and Mac to crashing 'safety' - CNET

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" dives into virtual reality, on both its traditional episode tonight and a VR "Project Badass" short watchable on any phone. more..

Checking in with John Sculley decades after Apple - CNET

The man best known for one of the most high-profile firings in tech history has turned his attention to your health. more..

Alien faces on Mars? My search through NASA images - CNET

Join the hunt for alien-looking rock formations as CNET's Amanda Kooser scours the Mars image archives, and comes away with a new appreciation for the Red Planet. more..

Netflix's Oscar-tapped '13th' gets go-ahead for classrooms - CNET

The hard-hitting documentary named for the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, can be screened in educational settings at no cost, Netflix says. more..

'Doctor Strange' concept art stars Jedi-inspired Kaecilius - CNET

Discover more about the villain Kaecilius and the Zealots that follow him in these new concept art images released by Marvel. more..

Zoo trolls Patriots fans by naming a cockroach for Tom Brady - CNET

Even an under-inflated football would smash this tiny version of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. more..

New Wonder Woman dolls would ride roughshod over Barbie - CNET

The superhero is both beautiful and badass in these new movie tie-in dolls coming from Mattel. more..

See the space station gloriously bisect the moon - CNET

A rare set of images show the International Space Station taking a snappy jaunt in front of the moon. more..

Astronaut shares Valentine's heart-shaped lake from orbit - CNET

It's a happy Valentine's Day on the International Space Station as an astronaut captures a lovely image of a heart-shaped lake down on Earth. more..

Thor is still a terrible roommate in return of 'Team Thor' - CNET

Thor and his long-suffering roommate Darryl return in a new entry to the "Team Thor" series that shows what the superhero does when he isn't busy saving the world. more..

Burger King gets mildly kinky with adults-only meal - CNET

Burger King Israel offers a whopper of a combo meal for Valentine's Day and it will appeal to "50 Shades of Grey" fans. more..

'Doctor Strange' deleted scenes peer deeper into villain - CNET

These video clips teach us more about Kaecilius and the Zealots who follow him. more..

Old-fashioned dating behaviors we (sort of) miss - CNET

Never gonna fall for modern love. OK, we are. But every now and then, we long for the quaint ways we used to date before Google and smartphones. more..

Comet spotted breaking apart as it swings by Earth - CNET

A frozen space rock is going to pieces as it passes through our cosmic neighborhood over the next few months. more..

'Star Trek: Discovery' beams new Starfleet officers on board - CNET

With production already underway, "Star Trek: Discovery" continues to add crew members. more..

NASA astronaut pulls off cargo-bag prank in space - CNET

Astronaut Peggy Whiston took the art of practical jokes to a new level by surprising her colleagues up in orbit on the International Space Station. more..

NASA's next Mars rover will land at one of these three sites - CNET

The Mars 2020 rover will delve into the planet's history of water and possible microbial life. But first NASA must decide where it'll land. more..

'The Lego Batman Movie': Proof a good 'Justice League' can happen - CNET

Commentary: If director Zack Snyder's having a hard time making his DC movie universe more fun, he should take a look at how this Lego movie pulled it off. more..

Supernova spotted just hours after star's death - CNET

When stars die, they go out kicking and screaming. Astronomers capture the early stages of a supernova explosion for the first time. more..

Animal shelter remakes 'The Bachelor' with an eligible dog - CNET

The best bachelor ever has four legs, a tail and a big decision to make on who gets to adopt him.` more..

This asteroid looks like rolling Dungeons & Dragons dice - CNET

NASA rolls a critical hit with images of an asteroid that looks like it should be in play during a dungeon quest. more..

Listen to Smash Mouth's 'All Star' with Windows XP sounds - CNET

Join Clippy and friends on a musical romp through the Smash Mouth hit and try not to get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. more..

'Buffy' alum James Marsters to join Marvel's 'Runaways' on Hulu - CNET

Miss Spike? Marvel adds Marsters to the cast of the new Hulu series about teenage superheroes on the run from their supervillain parents. more..

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